Parent Testimonials

“Choosing a school for my daughter was a very challenging decision for me. The reason being that I came from a minority ethnic group and it was important I leave my child in the care of a trusted team, since she could not express her self very well at the age she started school. I wanted a Nursery that has experience of caring for children from different ethnic backgrounds because of a past bullying experience that affected my son’s development and psychological wellbeing. I visited many Schools around and visited Springboard twice before I made my decision. Based on the recommendations of my friend. I was pleased on arrival because the security system in place and neatness of the environment. Then I met friendly staff members who are happy to provide necessary support. I am happy that the school is a training institution meaning that daughter is exposed to learning from people who are knowledgeable in child care and development milestones. I have never regretted the decision of sending my child to Springboard. And also using facility as the 1st option for holidays club for my Son. I feel my daughter receives quality care at an affordable cost. I can truly say that Gift loves Springboard and looks forward to coming to school every day. Even when she is supposed to be off school. Sometimes I have to dress her up in her uniform at home to make her happy. She achieved her toilet training without stress. She demonstrates what she has been taught in school. She is more confident and independent. I will certainly recommend Springboard Nursery any time and day.” Nnenna O

“Springboard Nursery is warm and inviting and staff keep us up to date all the time with the girls progress and parents regularly have the opportunity to take part in nursery activities. The girls have been going nearly 2 years and are going to be so sad to leave this year.” Jamie F

“Springboard Nursery has enhanced my son’s developmental journey immensely over the last 18 months. The team are very warm and friendly and treat you like part of the family. They are very approachable and supportive and celebrate the successes the children achieve. My son has had some extra challenges along the way and they have adapted and implemented training to support him further. At first it was difficult for him to settle in a new environment and create new routines but through the dedication and support of the Springboard Team he now runs into nursery to see his friends and key workers.” Natalie W

“My daughter attends Springboard Nursery and I can absolutely say it’s a wonderful place. The staff are lovely, approachable and care so much for the kids. The environment is amazing with lots of things to do which brings on development. I’ve been amazed at how well my daughter has progressed since going to this nursery. She looks forward to going in each day, which makes leaving her so much easier knowing she’s in great hands.” Kimberly M

“I couldn’t thank Springboard Nursery enough for everything they have done for my child. She settled in amazing and they kept me to-date with her progress and settling in. The staff feel like friends and are so easy to talk to. We as parents get updated on all events via letters or Facebook posts so we are always involved as much as we can be with our child’s learning and development to help them progress in different areas even during the holidays. I can’t thank the staff enough at how far Charlotte has came along I’m truly grateful. Thank you.” Elizabeth V

“The manager and staff at Springboard Nursery are truly amazing. Connor has came on leaps and bounds since starting in January. The staff are always very friendly and very welcoming. Always happy to let us know what activities Connor has been enjoying and what topics they are learning about. We can’t fault you at all so thank you for taking the best care of our son.” Claire A

“I love the nursery and so does Charley. He has become a bright and confident little boy and all the staff are amazing and so welcoming brilliant place.” Ryan P

“Since the first day my daughter Emmy started springboard nursery we were made to feel welcome and part of the nursery family. Emmy has come on fantastically with everything from numbers and letters to learning how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly to nocturnal animals she has grown from a baby to a very intelligent young girl. We have been on trips to cooking and having books days which all children and parents enjoyed. So overall I think springboard nursery is a fantastic place for your children to learn and grow in an amazing family setting thank you team!” Kelly H